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Discussion in 'Gaming Corner' started by Theo, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Theo

    Theo Member Executive Team

    Hi guys,

    I've spoken to a couple of you about arranging a large-scale intra RW EU IV match. The plan would be to complete the campaign by playing a night per week. I'm a little in the dark as to what nights are currently taken up by the various table top events, so I'd appreciate it if people could post their availability in addition to the country that they'd like to play.

    The general rules of the campaign will be these:
    1) This is a PVP campaign: players are in no sense guaranteed the right to survival.
    2) However, players may take over another country when their previous state fails.
    3) Players may have no more than one alliance with another player unless there are more than six players, in which case they may have two.

    The following is a list of the countries that I want to assign players to first:

    Austria - Theo
    Spain (Castile or Aragon)

    For this game I don't want anyone to sequester themselves away in some far off corner of the map (Ming, z.B.), so I'll be restricting country assignments to Europe.

    Post the country you want and your availability!!!

  2. Axyzed

    Axyzed Lord Commander of the Western European Front Lead Contractor

    I'll be joining, I am free any night but Thursdays as that is Dark Heresy night. I won't lay claim to a country just yet so I can fill in whatever is open.

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