Ravenwood Gaming

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We need to get a new banner done.

Somehow we'll find a way to reward you for doing one, I'd like for it to say Ravenwood Gaming on it somewhere and we can possibly do rotating banners but that is up to @Drewerth

Post your submissions here for the community to vote on.
We're going to be rolling out our first set of Forum Updates throughout the day.

Included in the update is:
Content Management and Homepage Integration
Initial Working to Discord Integration
XenRio Streaming Integration
As the day progresses things will be added and changed to promote the new changes.
Thank you for supporting the forum's development!
Welcome to our new forums, please pardon our dust as much of this board is going to be worked over by Drewerth with input from the rest of our team.

Things to look forward too.
  • Twitch Integration for our streamers
  • Steam integration is already live
  • Discord Integration
  • Tarkin Forums and in the future Tarkin Account management
We are open to suggestions that fit within xenForo and we as usual if you suggest something stupid to us will slap you around because our time is limited and valuable.